Student scholar visit to the British Library

Dear Parent(s)


A visit to the Russian Revolution Exhibition is being arranged on Thursday 20 July 2017 as part of the JFS Student Scholars Programme. Scholars are team of dedicated and talented writers in Years 7-12 who have been working hard all year, in following their own line of enquiry to produce high quality academic writing. The purpose of the visit is to reward and recognise all the hard work students have put in by giving them an opportunity to explore one of the leading national institutions of learning and research. On the day, students will be given a guided tour of both the Russian Revolution exhibition and the library’s permanent collections.

The details are as follows:


Time and Place of Departure:


JFS School – by PE – After Lesson 1


Time and Place of Dismissal:

2.30 pm

JFS School – Students attend Lesson 6.   


Mode of Travel:

London Underground – Oyster card for Return Journey Zone 1-4.



Full School Uniform Years 7-11/Usual JFS dress code for Sixth Form.




Please provide a Kosher packed lunch




This visit is a half day visit. Therefore students should bring their class books for Lessons 1 and 6 and attend as normal and should meet at break time for departure. The following day, students are expected to see their teachers to catch up for Lessons 3, 4, and 5.

In order to cover the expenses of this visit, we are requesting a voluntary contribution of £5 from parents of students who will be involved. Please also ensure that your child has an Oyster card that is topped up with enough to cover a Zone 1-4 return journey on the Underground. We ask for your support arranging with your child to top up their card in advance of the visit.    

Please note that, while the School always strives to keep the cost of visits to a minimum, certain costs are sometimes unavoidable. These may include: ticket or entrance fees for museums, external provider fees (e.g. field study centres), coach hire or train fares; the cost of supply cover for the classes of teachers accompanying the visits and security. The school has some limited funds which are used to subsidise some visits in order to make the cost more reasonable for parents.

It goes without saying that the highest standards of dress and behaviour will be expected from each student in accordance with the JFS School Rules stated in the Student Diary and Planner.

If you are willing for your child to go on this visit, please log in to your ParentPay account to make payment and to give consent, no later than Friday 14th July. By doing so you are agreeing to the following (please read the details about the Medical Form carefully):

·         I have submitted a Medical Form for my child and the details are unchanged. If the Medical Form held by the School requires updating please download a blank Medical Form from the School Website and complete and return it to JFS Reception.

·         My child has not, to my knowledge, been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases or suffered from anything in the last four weeks that may be or may become contagious or infectious.

·         I shall liaise with my child’s teacher if I am unable to meet the cost.

·         I understand the arrangements and accept, as a parent, my responsibility in ensuring that my child complies with them.

The Governors wish to make it clear that, in line with the School’s Charging Policy, no student will be omitted from this activity if his/her parents are unable or unwilling to help meet the costs of the visit.  If, however, the School does not receive the support of parents generally in this area, it may not be possible to hold the visit.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance. We are looking forward to an inspiring and enjoyable day.

Yours sincerely

Hannah Sassoon