GCSE Success at JFS


Following last week’s outstanding A Level Results, JFS students have once again achieved excellent GCSE results with 50% of all entries being at A*-A grades in this Summer’s results.

Additionally, the A*-C pass rate for Maths was 89% and for English Language 91% reflecting further improvement and an impressive set of outcomes.

Outstanding performances include those of:
Segev Gonen Cohen       11A*s and 1A
David Launer, Savanna Leboff, Ava Sharpe and Ze’ev Shirazi 11A*s
Eva Jacobs and Reef Ronel      10A*s and 1A
Adam Bernstein       9A*s and 3As
Benjamin Kershaw and Benjamin Waldman   9A*s and 2As
Hayley Gow, Casril Liebert, Adam Mizrahi and Samuel Pins 8A*s and 3As

Debby Lipkin (Executive Headteacher), Simon Appleman (Headteacher) and Sheri Berg (Director of KS4) are thrilled by these excellent results.  In a statement, they said:
“We are delighted by these results and are proud of all our students who truly deserve these outstanding grades.  These demonstrate their dedication and commitment to their studies, as well as the support from their teachers and families”.

Overall pass rate percentage: 99
Percentage A* - A: 50
Percentage of entries gaining A*-C Grades: 89
Percentage of students gaining 5 or more A*-C Grades: 89
Percentage of students gaining 5 or more A*-C Grades, including English and Maths: 83
Percentage of students gaining 5 or more A*-G Grades: 99
Average GCSE point score: 444
Total number of students in Year Group: 295
I have my GCSE results - so what do I do now?
• you have the results you need for the course you chose
• do not wish to make any changes to your choices
we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6 September at 8.30 am
For students 
• who wish to request a change of subject
• who have not achieved entry requirements (either overall or for specific subjects)
we are holding a special Pre-Enrolment Advice Surgery on Tuesday 30 August 2016 (see below).
To help you avoid waiting too long, as best as we can, the timings for Tuesday 30 August are as follows:
Students with surnames A – L 9.00 – 11.00 am
Students with surnames M – Z 1.00 – 3.00 pm
Parents are most welcome to attend.
Please note: Teaching staff will not be in school on Friday 26 August to discuss any queries or changes.