Year 7 Girls Netball


The Year 7 Girls netball team represented Brent in the London Youth Games, after winning the Brent tournament back in the autumn term. There were 32 teams from across the capital, played in eight groups made up of four teams in each group.

Positive attitudes and broad smiles remained on all players faces during the competition despite having to play in heavy downpours of rain. Our team played 3 matches before lunch that would determine which opposing teams they would play against in the next round. We won one game; we drew one game and lost one, finishing second in the group stages.

Our many points scored us a place in the stronger side of the competition. The JFS team worked their hardest and played to their full potential. Filled with pride, we left the competition after congratulating the opposition on their win and wishing each other the best of luck for future matches.

Mia Conway 7ZO