In this section of the website you can read about some of the many varied and exciting events that take place at JFS. For a more comprehensive overview, photos and updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


In recent years the Jewish calendar between Pesach and Shavuot has been filled with significant days marking the tragedy of the Shoah, the loss of thousands of Israeli soldiers and the celebration of Israel’s independence. These important days are all marked in JFS and this week, the occurrence of Yom Yerushalayim was no different.


When prospective students come to JFS for the first time, it is always a daunting and nerve-racking experience. From congested corridors to busy lunch queues to a crowded bag park, Student Officers are appointed to help the school run more smoothly and make the experience, for both students and teachers, more pleasant.


Recently the PE Department  held an Athletics Festival for Year 2 students (aged 6-7) led by the Sports Leaders of Years 8, 9 and 10. The festival included various running, jumping and throwing games as well as other activities for the Primary School students, giving them an opportunity to learn some new athletic skills. This enabled our Sports Leaders to show their leadership potential and led one parent from one primary school to say "My son loved it and was so impressed by the sports facilities – so much so that told me he wants to go to JFS.


Chocolate, chocolate and yet more chocolate doesn’t sound like your average school trip, however, Year 10 students who are studying Child Development or Food Technology for GCSE, were lucky enough to go on a trip to Cadbury World for the day.


Our first Family Open Day in conjunction with seed proved to be an exciting and memorable occasion for all the participants. Approximately 350 people spent their Sunday afternoon researching into their heritage as well as enjoying fun family activities.