In this section of the website you can read about some of the many varied and exciting events that take place at JFS. For a more comprehensive overview, photos and updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Self-discipline, determination and courage. The three attributes needed for success and demonstrated so clearly by Olympic gold medallist Danny Crates on his inspiring visit to JFS.


STEM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) provides short introductory sessions for Year 9 Students to enhance their understanding of, and aptitude for, problem solving, creativity, design, and engineering.


Mazaltov to the new team!


JFS hosted a group of Chinese teachers from Hubei province in Central China. The visit was set up by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as part of a three week visit by the group to London. They visited JFS to see an outstanding school in action. They observed lessons, met with students and staff including a Q and A with history students learning about China and a session working with JFS Geography staff to inform the teaching of China in the Geography curriculum. They left impressed with the School, but more specifically impressed with the students they encountered.


Twenty JFS students considering studying Medicine were lucky enough to be part of the recent Surgical Skills Workshop at the Royal College of Surgeons. The Royal College of Surgeons enables surgeons to achieve and maintain the highest standards of patient care by providing training and professional support throughout their careers.