7: Home School Agreement 2017-18

This Home School Agreement aims to reflect our school’s motto ‘‘ORAH VE’YIKAR” – ENLIGHTENED AND VALUED” - and its intention to offer the highest quality of teaching and learning and reflect our commitment to value our staff, students and parents. We believe that these two tenets will equip students for life in their community, modern Britain and the wider global society.

1. The School will:
• provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your child and a secure, stimulating and caring environment in which to learn;
• ensure that your child is valued for who he or she is and helped to make good progress in their spiritual, moral, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development;
• provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is well taught and relevant to their needs and their future as individuals and as citizens;
• work in co-operation with parents/carers to resolve issues and problems that may arise;
• keep you well informed about school policies and activities through regular letters and newsletters;
• go beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum and meet, wherever possible, the individual needs of the child;
• provide a safe and well-ordered learning and social environment;

• send home termly progress assessments and an annual report on achievements;
• set, mark and monitor homework;
• set, monitor and discuss individual targets for achievement with your child;
• arrange Parents' Open Evenings during which progress will be discussed;
• contact Parents if there is a consistent problem with attendance, punctuality, school uniform or equipment;
• let Parents know about any concerns or problems that affect your child's work or behaviour;
• communicate with parents and students in a respectful manner.

2. Students will:

• attend school regularly;
• arrive on time;
• attend all lessons punctually;
• be friendly, co-operative and thoughtful;
• remember books and necessary equipment;
• focus on making progress;
• be involved fully in activities;
• always try to do their best;
• always complete and hand in homework on time;
• always wear school uniform correctly;
• treat staff and peers with courtesy and respect.

3. Parent(s) will:
• support the vision and values of the school community;
• ensure that my child attends School regularly, on time, in full school uniform and with appropriate equipment;
• work in co-operation with staff to resolve issues and problems that may arise and let the school know of any issues that might affect my child's work, behaviour or attendance;
• encourage my child to be enthusiastic about learning, provide opportunities for home learning and support homework from school;
• attend Parents' Open Evenings and discussions about my child's progress;
• get to know about my child’s life at the School;
• treat staff and students with courtesy and respect.

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