Year 8 PSHE Day

Year 8 PSHE Drop down day on 19 July 2017 

Dear Parents

Personal, Social and Health Education

As part of the School’s mature and direct approach to Personal, Social and Sexual health education, we have invited Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company into the school on 19 July.

Your child will therefore be off timetable for that day in order that he / she may participate. Tip of the Iceberg alongside Drugs Line will be providing a full day of theatre, workshops and discussions respectfully.

The ‘Network’ project covers a range of PSHE topics, meeting PSHE Association curriculum guidelines for Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World.

The play begins with a short introduction to each of the main characters through a piece of  spoken word, which gives an insight into their personalities and relationships and plants the seeds relevant to the rest of  the story. Throughout the play live action is interspersed with eloquent spoken word showing us the characters inner thoughts and feelings. Using this format the play explores what we care or worry about on a day-to-day; including family networks, social networks as well as the modern relationship to mobile and internet networks. A theme that is highlighted in the play and then explored throughout the rest of the day is how everything and everyone is connected. A series of  small decisions leads to a one climatic action that impacts all the characters. How do they deal with the fallout?

Sensitive issues covered in the project

Relationships - family, friends, peers

Peer pressure

Outside influences (including the media)




Communication (including technology and the internet)


Stereotypes - and challenging them



Drugsline Presenter Steven Mervish

The programme, which will be delivered by highly trained and specialist substance misuse.

The programme will seek to:

• Increase young people’s awareness and knowledge regarding drugs and alcohol, and associated risks i.e. offending or anti social behaviour.

• Increase young people’s levels of resilience, self esteem and resistance to peer pressure. Thereby helping to reduce substance misuse and alleviate potential harms to young people, families and the local community.

In addition, we will also sign post students to organisations – who provide a free, confidential phone and online service for children and young people across the UK.


The day aims to empower young people to make educated and informed choices about their behaviour and their lives. The focus of the day is mainly on self-esteem, personal choices and decision making with the intention of exploring the causes and solutions surrounding teenage issues.

Any queries or worries about any aspect of the day then please contact the school as soon as possible. Please click here if you wish to withdraw your child from the Sex and Relationship Education part of the day. 

Your sincerely

Miss T Briden

Health Education Co-ordinator