Physical Education


During the Key stage, students will be taught knowledge, skills and understanding through two of the six areas from the National curriculum. Students have two lessons of core PE in Year 10 and three in Year 11 on a fortnightly timetable.

The main aims for PE at Key Stage 4 are:
To develop and apply advanced skills and techniques and use more advanced strategies and or choreographic concepts and principles.
To make informal choices about what role they want to take in each activity, judge how good a performance is and decide how to improve it.
To teach students the importance of exercise and activity to promote personal, social and mental health and well-being. Also how to monitor and develop their own training, exercise and activity programmes in and out of school.


During Year 10, students are taught, in ability groups, six units of study from at least two areas of the National Curriculum.

Netball (Girls) or Football (Boys)
Badminton or Basketball
Boxercise/Non-contact Boxing
Exercise to Music (Girls) or Circuit Training (Boys)
Rounders (Girls) or Cricket (Boys) or Tennis
Table Tennis
In year 11, students are able to select an activity to study on a half-termly basis from the above selection.  There are additional opportunities to study for umpiring and/or leaders awards within these lessons.


Students are assessed throughout every unit on their performance, knowledge and understanding and their ability to evaluate their own and others performances. During Year 11, students are given the opportunity to choose from previously studied activities.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

All students have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime, where they can improve their skills and have the opportunity to represent JFS in school teams.


60 % of the course is assessed practically and 40% of the course is assessed through a written exam.

Unit 1: The Theory of Physical Education

1.1- Healthy, active lifestyles:

1.1.1- Healthy, active lifestyles and how they could benefit you
1.1.2- Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle
1.1.3- Exercise and fitness as part of your healthy, active lifestyle
1.1.4- Physical activity as part of your healthy, active lifestyle
1.1.5- Your personal health and wellbeing1.2- Your healthy, active body.

1.2.1- Physical activity and your healthy mind and body
1.2.2- A healthy, active lifestyle & your cardiovascular system
1.2.3- A healthy, active lifestyle & your respiratory system
1.2.4- A healthy, active lifestyle & your muscular system
1.2.5- A healthy, active lifestyle & your skeletal system

60% of final mark (48% / 12% break down)

Practical (60%) You will select four activities for assessment and complete an Analysis of Performance in one of these activities. This will be assessed in the following way:

2.1 Practical assessment in four activities. Final Practical assessment during the course (by Teacher and external moderator) 48%.
2.2 Analysis of performance in one activity. Analysis of performance. 12%.

To view the JFS PE kit please click here.

The exam board used is Edexcel.