Whilst students may have studied some aspects of this subject in their primary school, this will be their first experience of a regular timetabled slot for Art and Design. It is an exciting subject where students have the opportunity to develop their ideas in a wide range of media and to use high quality facilities. We have a well-equipped Art department with experienced specialist teachers who will bring their love of the subject into each lesson. They are specialists in Painting, Sculpture, Textiles, Art History and Printmaking

What will my child be taught?

Students will be given a work journal or sketchbook to record their work and ideas. In Year 7, students will work on projects that are linked to their identity and a study of the environment. We work to extend understanding of painting, drawing, sculpture, printing and mixed media. Students will be encouraged to record and research using appropriate techniques and will be helped to plan, select and then develop their ideas. They will spend time looking at artwork from a variety of cultures and periods. Students will understand why and how the art was made, and develop an informed knowledge of different periods and styles of Art and Design. They will also be inspired by the art carried out by students at JFS, which you can see displayed on the corridors and within the department. We are always busy and many students spend their lunchtimes in the department working on ideas.

How will the work be assessed?

Work is currently assessed using National Curriculum levels. Students will complete two major units of work a year. Each unit will be assessed at intervals during the course and on completion. Homework is commented on. Grades are used when relevant to the nature of the homework task.

How many lessons will my child have each week?
The students have the equivalent of an hour a week. However, Art is taught as part of the ITAM carousel which means some students will start by having two lessons a fortnight and others will have one lesson every two weeks. The groups will swap at February half-term.

Extra-curricular opportunities

The department runs a Key Stage 3 Art Club, open to all students. The Art department can be used at lunchtime if students wish to complete work. There are also a number of opportunities for students to follow up their interest in aspects of Art and Design in the after school clubs. The School currently offers after school clubs in Fashion and Animation. There are also a number of special Enrichment workshops run by visiting artists to support students.

What can I do to help my child?

It is helpful if students can use a range of materials for Homework. Students should come to lessons with a basic set of equipment. It helps if students also have a 2 B pencil, a glue stick and scissors.

Are there any useful websites?

Students will receive guidance about the use of particular websites from their teacher.

Key Stage 3


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7


  • Identity


  •   Identity/What’s in a building?
  • What’s in a building?

Year 8


  •   Objects and  Viewpoints
  •  Animating Art
  •  A Shared View

Year 9

  •     Life Events
  • Changing Your Style
  • Public Art