Physical Education

Students in Years 7-11 have 3 lessons of ‘Core PE’ in a 2 week timetable. They continue to be offered 3 lessons of ‘Recreational PE’ in Years 12 and 13. Any timetabled examination classes are additional to this entitlement.

Key Stage 3

Students are assessed across the curriculum and placed into ability sets in Years 7, 8 and 9. The curriculum is based upon the fundamental skills required across a broad range of activities. They follow a rotational programme of three lessons a fortnight, covering units of ‘Invasion’, ‘Net/Wall’ and ‘Striking/Fielding’ Games, ‘Accurate Replication’ through gymnastics, ‘Communicating Ideas’ through dance, ‘Kinaesthetic Awareness’, ‘Healthy and Active Lifestyles’ and ‘Performing at Maximum Levels’ through athletics. Each unit will consist of approximately nine lessons. Throughout the year students will be involved in a continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating in all areas of activity. Students are assessed in all units using the National Curriculum attainment levels.

At the start of Year 8 students are set according to ability. Within these sets they follow a rotational programme of study covering units of ‘Invasion’, ‘Net/Wall’, ‘Striking/Fielding’ and ‘Non-Traditional’ Games (Kabadi, Handball and Benchball). Additionally, students are taught units of Gymnastics/Trampolining, Dance, Athletics and ‘Healthy & Active Lifestyles’.  A Paralympic unit has recently been introduced to promote the 2012 Olympic legacy which has been very successful. Each unit consists of approximately 6-8 lessons, three lessons a fortnight.

In Year 9 students cover more advanced skills within the units of ‘Invasion’, ‘Net/Wall’ and ‘Striking/Fielding’ Games, ‘Gymnastics/Trampolining’, ‘Athletics’ and ‘Healthy & Active Lifestyles’. In the Summer Term, all Year 9 students get the opportunity to choose a favoured summer activity varying from Rounders, Cricket or Tennis. This gives the students more freedom of choice. Each unit consists of approximately 6-8 lessons, three lessons a fortnight. Girls who choose to study GCSE Dance commence this course early within core PE lessons.

Extra Curricular Programmes

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