What will my child be taught?

At JFS we follow the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. This document can be found at Each student is issued a textbook which includes an overview of the year’s study.

How will the work be assessed?

Formal assessments are given at the end of every topic in Years 7 and 8, and at the end of every pair of topics in Year 9. As well as continuous assessment through lesson activities, there will also be examinations at the end of each year.

In Year 7, the students will be taught in Tutor Groups and Science homework will be set according to the list of core tasks produced with some supplementary tasks. These homework tasks are designed to consolidate, enhance and enrich students learning and their literacy, numeracy and investigative skills.

What does classwork entail?

Students will have the opportunity to do experiments and explore new ideas and developments. Some ‘Badger’ lessons are used in Key Stage 3 to enhance thinking skills as well as some CASE lessons, which are used to accelerate cognitive reasoning

How many Science lessons will my child have each week?

Every Key Stage 3 student has six lessons per fortnight. Each lesson lasts roughly one hour.

Extra-curricular opportunities

At JFS we run a weekly Science Club for Year 7 students, where they can enjoy experiments that are not usually carried out in lessons.

We also run many activities during National Science Week in March, which include a range of lectures and demonstrations and a mobile zoo. Scientific challenges are run within lessons where students have the chance to win prizes.

Throughout the year we welcome a large number of visiting scientists for lectures on a wide range of topics.
We are also involved in a number of other cross-curricular events throughout the year.

What can I do to help my child?

We recommend that revision for exams should not be a last minute event. Work should be reviewed regularly. If your child finishes homework early encourage them to use the remainder of time to review some previous work. A true measure of whether a student has understood their work is not just getting the correct answers but being able to explain it to someone else.

Please encourage your child to communicate with their teacher if they encounter difficulties, and make use of the weekly Science Support Club.

Are there any useful websites?

Below is a list of some that we recommend. Some of these assist with revision and some provide puzzles and games.