Students will experience one lesson a week for half the year in Food Technology and one lesson per week for the other half of the year in Resistant Materials.

In both areas they will be taught some basic, transferable skills such as:
• Using equipment safely
• Measuring accurately
• Designing & making
• Marketing & packaging items
• Evaluating products

In both areas there will be opportunities for students to bring home completed items. For Food Technology we provide all the ingredients, students must bring a container to take their practical work home. In Resistant Materials they will bring home their product halfway through the year, but can make more products in lunchtime clubs.

We run several enrichment trips and workshops such as a visit to the Dr Who exhibition, the Design Museum and sessions with a visiting chef which encourages students to think more broadly about the subjects.

It is important for parents to encourage students to really research thoroughly at home and to complete all homework for Technology subjects and bring it to school on time. The homework supports the students learning and develops their practical skills. Students are assessed each term based on practical skills and homework.