Art and Design

Examination Board

Edexcel Fine Art

Specific Course Requirements

Students need to have gained a B grade at GCSE in Art.

Course Content

The course consists of 4 Units:
Unit1 and 2 are studied in Year 12.
Unit 1 is based on  a theme chosen by the Art Department. You will need to produce a work journal together with a final piece for Unit 1.
Unit 2 is an exam unit and the theme is set by the exam board. You have about 10 weeks to prepare your idea and the final piece is produced in an 8 hour exam.
Unit 3 and 4 are studied in Year 13.
Unit 3 consists of the development of a personal theme and a written study (2,000-3,000 words).
Unit 4 is an exam theme set by the board. You will have a preparatory period and carry out the final outcome in a 12 hour exam.

What do I need to know?

Students choosing this course should be able to develop ideas visually and show commitment and energy. You should be able to meet deadlines for coursework and be able to organise and present your ideas in work journals. A passion for Art and Design is essential.

What could I do with a qualification in this subject?

There are a large selection of Art based careers, including Graphics, Fashion, Illustration, Textiles, Theatre Design, Interior Design, as well as Ceramics and Painting. It is also useful for a career in Architecture or Art History. Many students choose Art alongside other subjects as a qualification for university entrance.

The most commonly asked questions.

Is the subject a lot of work?

Art is no more demanding than any other subject at ‘A’ Level. However you will need to work consistently in lessons. Having the ability to be organised and to meet deadlines helps.

What kind of things can I do?

The department has a vast range of materials and resources to allow you  to develop your ideas. The main areas are painting, drawing printing, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

Why should I study Art?

Most students enjoy the subject and therefore are able to excel in their work. This enables them to achieve the high grades necessary for university entrance. Some students focus on Art and Design as a career and apply to foundation courses to study Fashion, Interior Design, Textiles, Graphics, Theatre design, and  Fine Art.

What equipment will I need to purchase as an Art and Design student?

Students will be provided with an equipment list, which will include general items such as drawing and painting implements, and basic stationery items.


Key Stage 4


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 10


  •  Introductory project in painting and mixed media
  • Preparation for YR  10 Mock Exam
  • YR 10 Mock exam


Year 11

  •  Y R 11 theme
  • Completion of coursework
  • Preparation of supporting studies in response to the  exam theme set by the board
  • YR 11 exam