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Specific Course Requirements

Science and Additional Science Level 6 and 7.
Triple Science Level 6,6 and 7.
Students must also have at least a Level 5 in both English Language and Mathematics.

Course Content

Content is split into six teaching modules:
Module 1 - Development of practical skills in Biology.
Module 2 - Foundations in Biology
Module 3 - Exchange and transport
Module 4 - Biodiversity, evolution and disease.
Module 5 - Communication, homeostasis and energy.
Module 6 - Genetics, evolution and ecosystems.

What do I need to know or be able to do this course?

Biology is not an easy option. You will be need to be able to analyse and work out scientific problems. If you enjoy problem solving and trying to find out what is happening from the facts presented, then you might well enjoy Biology. Also, if you have a thirst for knowledge of the natural world, then you might well enjoy Biology.
Biology is no longer about learning long scientific names that nobody uses; it is now about thinking, analysing and problem solving and you will need these skills.

How will I be assessed on this course?

‘A’ Level Biology

Biological Processes    37%    2 hour 15 minutes written paper.
Biological Diversity    37%    2 hour 15 minutes written paper.
Unified Biology        26%    1 hour 30 minutes written paper.
Practical work is assessed as a separate pass/fail grade.

What could I do with a qualification in this subject?

The phenomenally wide range of careers and university courses entered by students who have studied Biology ‘A’ Level at JFS in recent years is ample testimony to the broad application and relevance of the subject. Medicine, Dentistry and Speech Therapy, Psychology, Law, Teaching and Advertising are just some of the careers taken up by former JFS ‘A’ Level Biologists. It also opens the door to careers in Cosmetics, Agriculture, Conservation, Physical Training and Scientific Journalism.

The three most commonly asked questions about this course are:

Will I be at a disadvantage if I did Science and Additional Science instead of Triple Science?

Obviously, you will not have done as much Biology, but we accept students who did Science and Additional Science as readily as those who did Triple Science, providing they get the grades needed. (See earlier on this page.)

If Biology is the only ‘A’ Level Science I take, does this make it more difficult?

Yes. The sciences share many aspects, so by taking more than one Science you are likely to encounter similar concepts more frequently. Chemistry, in particular, shares many concepts with Biology.

Do I need ‘A’ Level Biology to go on to study medicine?

There are a rising number of universities that want the second Science ‘A’ Level to be Biology.