The Bottom Line

Several members of staff share their personal views:

"One of the things I like most is that the School has such a history. Here I am working in a state school that was founded in 1732. It seems to me that JFS is always developing and now I am part of the next chapter. I feel that I can contribute and make a difference and that makes JFS a great place to have a career."

"In 2002 the chance arose to teach at JFS. I had had such a wonderful time at JFS as a student that I chose to come back and do something positive with my life rather than just making money for people."

"I am a practising Catholic. When I thought of applying to JFS, my colleagues told me you would never get a job there. It is a Jewish school and they only employ Jewish teachers. I applied. How wrong my former colleagues were."

"The students represent the diversity of Jewish culture, practice and belief. They are generally well behaved and eager to learn. I chose to live in Golders Green, one of the major centres of Jewish London and it makes me, a secular person of no religious denomination, feel a part of the community."

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