At JFS we are very proud of our Enrichment program. We are lucky to be able to utilise the expertise of the teachers as well as welcome outside practitioners. Our school vision of “Orah Viykar’ – ‘Light and Honour’ ” is an appropriate concept in empowering our students to broaden and develop their skills. We hope to provide them with a program that can capture their interests, develop their thinking and enhance their skills. Overall we hope to enable our students to fulfil their curiosity.

Our program continues throughout the year but there can be changes from term to term especially the provision by PE, due to the sports season. Please check below to see what’s on offer.

We welcome ideas from our JFS community as to how we can add to and improve our enrichment program – you can contact our coordinator at wolfson@jfs.brent.sch.uk or the students have an opportunity to have their say in the suggestion box at reception.

In 2019-2020 we welcomed Lord Mann of Holbeck Moor, Heritage Learning Team from Willesden Jewish Cemetery, and have been part of ‘Belsen75’ to list just a selection, and are always looking for more ways to make links and add to our program. If you are able to put JFS in touch with; leaders of industry, inventors, business people, journalist, sports professionals, artists, chefs; in or outside of the community please do allow us to share in your contacts, as we wish to have every opportunity to inspire and encourage our students in their future.

This is our school, and thus our enrichment program please don’t hesitate to be part of it.

Clubs and Societies:

Please click here to see the programme of clubs and societies taking place from January 2021.  Please note that further clubs may be added during lockdown so please do keep checking.


JFS recently launched the JFS Journal a chance for students to practise their journalistic skills and sharing their views and stories with the rest of the JFS Community.  

Please find the list of editions below and click on the relevant journal number to open and read: like to read::

JFS Journal – Edition 1

JFS Journal – Edition 2

JFS Journal – Edition 3

JFS Journal – Edition 4