11+ 2021 Information regarding collecting points for Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP)

One of the elements of the Admissions process for JFS School is the operation of the criteria set out in Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP). In the light of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak it is currently not possible to apply one of the criteria, namely attendance at synagogue, the opportunity for which is due to start from 1 May 2020 for admissions for 2021 / 22. In order to make the CRP process for this year under the current conditions as simple and workable as possible, JFS School together with the Office of the Chief Rabbi and with the United Synagogue is reviewing the existing CRP to determine revised criteria. We are assuming that any revised criteria will be in force for admissions for 2021 / 22 only, in order to take account of current conditions. Once we have finalised the revised criteria for 2021/22, which we hope to be in the very near future, a revised CRP form will be available on the school website. We respectfully request that you do not contact the schools’ admissions officer or your local Synagogue about this matter until there is a published resolution.