11+ 2021 Admissions – Update regarding collecting points for Certificate of Religious Practice (June 2020)

One of the elements of the Admissions process for JFS School is the operation of the criteria set out in Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP). In the light of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak it is currently not possible to apply one of the criteria in the usual manner, namely attendance at synagogue, the opportunity for which would have commenced on 1 May 2020 for admissions for 2021 / 22.

Further to a review of the existing CRP criteria and taking legal advice, JFS School together with the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue has now finalised a revised CRP process for 2021/22 only. This process is being submitted to the Department for Education, but it cannot be published until the Department confirm that JFS School are permitted to vary our admissions arrangements outside of the normal process and time frames for doing so. We are doing all we can to ensure this is prioritised by the Department so that we receive a rapid answer, and hope to be in a position to publish our admissions arrangements in the very near future. We believe that applicants should not be concerned about being disadvantaged as a result of this delay and the changes to CRP.

In the meantime, we continue to respectfully request that you do not contact the schools’ admissions officer or your local Synagogue about this matter until there is a published resolution.