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‘There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature’ – Aristotle

 On May 10th is Mental Health week hosted by Mental Health Foundation, The theme Connection to nature 


Nature is something that surrounds us even in the city, it is trees, parks, wildlife, landscapes, gardens….

Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. For example, doing things like growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can have lots of positive effects.

Neutering something else like looking after a plant or flowers or growing some herbs or vegetables can show us how to also begin to care and nurture ourselves.

We wanted to share some resources that you may find helpful as a way to explore this for yourselves, with your children and as a family.

Take some time yourself and take a mindful walk with this recording: Mindfull Walk – YouTube (It’s 18 minutes Long)

Attached is:

  • A mindfulness practise and here is the recording : Mindfulness Exercise 2
  • An activity that you can  do together that encourages ways you may connect to nature for mental health purposes

We hope you find this helpful and enjoy the connection to nature.


Nikki and Nicki