A Unique Drama Experience

A Unique Drama Experience

Six JFS students recently volunteered to guide groups of around 10 people through five performances that would take place in various areas of the JW3 building, on the theme of isolation.

The first performance was a short story of how an Israeli woman and her partner had to quarantine in her old childhood room. Then followed the interactive performance of ‘Chanukah Lewinsky’ who through her typical Jewish mum ‘vibes’ prompted the audience to let go of any emotional baggage built up during lockdown. Then was Lileth – the not so known ex-wife of Adam, who during lockdown shamelessly got back in touch with her ex. During the performance, Lileth picks out an ‘Adam’ from the audience and roasts him!!

During the performance we experienced the highs and lows of our own lockdown. The penultimate performance where the lights were dimmed to the bare minimum, we were taken through the mind of the character as she experienced the demons inside her head. All the performances had truly meticulous acting.

The final performance was outside the theatre in the courtyard, we were guided by the audio piece around the courtyard to reflect and review all our emotions coming out of lockdown. This for was the most emotional performance.

One student, Edgar said, “I still feel reflective on all the themes brought up and despite the sombre tone of some of the performances, I’m happy to have been part of the experience.”