Ivrit and Israel Education

Ivrit and Israel Studies are included within the Jewish Education framework


The Ivrit department offers a range of levels in Hebrew starting from learning the alphabet up to GCSE and A levels. The department also enables selected students to take their exams earlier, offering an accelerated course leading to a GCSE in Ivrit by the end of Year 9. The department will put an emphasis on speaking Hebrew during all lessons from the start of the course.

Through learning Ivrit, JFS seeks to give the students a positive experience of the Hebrew language and Israel by:

  • Giving students basic language skills, which will allow them to communicate in Hebrew
  • Studying topics related to the knowledge and love of Israel

Including Jewish themes, such as festivals, in order to develop a strong Jewish Hebrew vocabulary together with a strong sense of Jewish identity.

Israel Education

Israel is at the heart of JFS. Students are encouraged to engage with Israel through visits in Year 9 (as detailed below), our active Israel Society and the celebration of all Israeli festivals. We are proud that many students go on to complete a year of further study, volunteering and social action in Israel before commencing university.

Ivrit club provides extra-curricular support in the spoken language and examines Israeli culture and history.

A range of high profile speakers also visit the Israel Society to keep students informed of current developments and points of interest.

Israel Residential Schemes

JFS has a long and proud tradition of association with the State of Israel. Since its earliest days in Camden Town, this has included offering students the opportunity to spend time in Israel on an organised programme. Currently JFS offers two schemes: a nine week Israel programme for Year 9 students, based at Kibbutz Lavi, and the two week ‘A Taste of Israel’ programme.

Kibbutz Lavi is a religious Zionist community founded by British immigrants and located in the Lower Galilee. During their time in Israel, students attend school on Kibbutz Lavi and spend three weeks travelling.

The programme consists of a kibbutz experience at Lavi together with general and Jewish Studies, extensive touring of Israel and adventure activities. Secular studies are taught in the Kibbutz Lavi school in accordance with the requirements of the British curriculum and with the same standards applied as at JFS. Secular teachers are carefully screened and selected from the staff of the Lavi school and from among other qualified teachers in the area.

The ‘A Taste of Israel’ programme provides students with a shorter but full opportunity to visit the main sites of interest. Students develop a bond with Israel and develop their own relationship with the Jewish State. They spend two weeks touring and engaging in active volunteering.

Approximately 60 students attend the Lavi Schemes, from October to December or January to March.

The ‘A Taste of Israel’ Programme enables students to tour across Israel, seeing the main sites of historical and cultural interest whilst engaging in Social Action programmes. Approximately 140 students attend the ‘A Taste of Israel’ visit each year.