Pupil Premium


The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. It is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to help raise the attainment of “disadvantaged pupils” and is paid for the most part to schools according to the number of students who have been registered as eligible for a free school meal at any point in the last six years or who have been in care for six months or longer.

JFS and Pupil Premium

Both before and since the introduction of the Pupil Premium the practice of JFS, in accordance with our ethos, has been to ensure that all students, irrespective of family circumstances, have equal opportunities to participate fully in all aspects of school life. Ensuring the highest quality of teaching and learning in the classroom as well as a rich menu of activities to complement and enhance the formal curriculum is the most effective way to ensure all students benefit from the opportunities here and achieve their full potential.

Pupil Premium Policy Statement 2018/19

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure report:

Total number of students on roll (Jan 2016 Census)1990
Total number of FSM students25
Total number of Ever 6 students78
Total number of Looked After Children0
Amount of funding received per PP students£935
Total number of service family students0
Total amount of funding received£72,930

Previous Performance of disadvantaged students in Year 11:

Number of pupils28727 (6)28632958
Attainment 864.3555.06 (58.4)636163.2664.38
Progress 81.020.82 (0.55)
Progress English0.960.83 (0.42)
Progress Maths0.830.71 (0.61)0.610.480.53
% Entered for Ebacc61.337.0455.51006587.5
Progress Ebacc1.201.07 (0.87)
Progress Open Element0.950.65 (0.27)0.610.350.73


*the numbers in brackets represent the scores for the actual 6 students that have PPI.. The discrepancy is due to a methodology used to categorise PPI students at JFS prior to 2016. Where by the students that JFS gave additional funding for free school meals were incorrectly counted in the PPI measure.


Year 11 students Year on Year comparison Progress 8Numbers of students


Year 13 PPComment (ASP Inspection Dashboard)
2016Value added was significantly above average
2017Value added top 10% for A levels of schools nationally
20180.25 L3VA score (whole 0.29)


Projected Spending plan 2018/19 (where costings appear they are approximate and based on last year’s costs)

*Indicates Sutton Trust Education Endowment Foundation rating of + 4 and above

Item/ProjectCostsObjectiveExpected Outcome
Maths tutor for PP for year 11 (1:1)*£6500


Work with those not achieving but able to achieve a C+ grade in year 11100 % of all students on programme reach targets.
English tutor for PP for year 11 (1:1)*£6500Work with those not achieving but able to achieve a C+ grade in year 11100 % of all students on programme reach targets.
Connexions +

Andy Gardner (Independent Careers consultant)

£6500Provide career guidance for selected students and prioritise vulnerable students with aspirational future pathwaysAll PP students follow aspirational pathways, transition to Sixth Form, other educational offers or employment
Contribution to Assitant Head of Year TLR with a focus on PP£20,000Enable targeted support for PP students in years 7-11Increased levels of confidence, wellbeing and academic progress for PP students
Mentoring*£7000Mentoring  high risk studentsTarget pupils achieve 90+ % attendance and no exclusions.
Music Lessons£3,200To subsidise music lessons for PP students.Achieve relevant grades in music
Intervention teachers for Maths and English*£21,330Contribute to salaries of two intervention teachers in Maths and EnglishEnable PP students to reach/exceed expectation
Equipment: laptops/revision guides/text books£1,900Requests from students and staff for equipment that will help with academic progress and access to academic materialsImprove PP progress and attainment rates

Total: £72,930


View last year’s report here