Lev Israel Residential Trip

JFS is proud of its long standing and deep connections to the State of Israel.  For over 40 years the school has offered a bespoke residential programme in Israel to provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in life in Israel, improve their Hebrew and enhance their knowledge of Jewish studies, culture and history beyond what is taught at school.  Our current scheme, launched in January 2020, is a 3 month programme at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) for year 9 students during the Spring Term. The JFS programme at AMHSI promotes the values and ethos of JFS including the ideals of Zionist Modern Orthodoxy. The students engage in a bespoke programme of Jewish learning that is complemented by field study and tiyulim (excursions) which bring Jewish History to life and encourage the students to practice their Hebrew language skills. Participants continue their Secular programme of study using the bespoke classrooms and laboratories on the AMHSI campus. In addition they gain skills in independent and group living and have the use of music rooms, sports courts and a beautiful synagogue.

‘לב’ / ‘LeV’ means heart and Israel is at the heart of JFS. Our long term Israel Residential Scheme is at the heart of our Jewish Education programme. Additionally the acronym ‘לב ‘stands for Lomdim Ba’Aretz – learning in the Land (of Israel). Our pilot trip – 1לב is now currently underway! This is an exceptional opportunity for our students and represents a truly immersive and educationally enriching opportunity for those lucky enough to attend.

For any inquiries on the Lev programme, please email jieptrips@jfs.brent.sch.uk

LEV JFS 2020 Brochure