The Jewish Ethos of JFS

The outlook and practice of the School is Orthodox

We are proud that our School

  • Enthuses students with a passion for their Jewish heritage
  • Provides opportunity for Jewish growth in an open environment
  • Caters for all aspects of the Jewish community

We have developed many cross curricular links with a variety of departments including Geography, English, Science, Music and Art resulting in a sense of Jewish and Israeli culture and pride throughout the formal curriculum.


At JFS we believe spirituality must be embraced, it cannot be imposed. Services are held daily and led by our students in our beautiful Synagogue. It is hoped that as students grow in their Jewish identity the Synagogue is always seen as an open and inviting place to be.

Student-led social causes

JFS is committed to raising awareness of the needs of others and students regularly raise funds for a wide range of causes, Jewish and non-Jewish, domestic and based in Israel.  Our student-led charity committee successfully directs the charitable activities of the whole school. Our Year 9 Hand in Hand programme provides students with an introduction to communal awareness. This is the start of our students’ lives as active volunteers within the community.