Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision:

JFS is an inclusive, modern, orthodox Jewish school that strives to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence for all its students to the best of their abilities, in a safe and nurturing environment, who will be responsible British citizens, proud Jews, and contributing members of modern British society.

Our Motto:

Orah ViykarLight and Honour which encapsulates the school’s ambitions for its students which are to ensure they understand the responsibility they have to the world around them, and that all their actions reflect positively upon themselves, their families, the school, Jewish and wider British society.

Our Ideals:

  • To be committed to Jewish life, inspired by Jewish learning and proficient in Jewish practice.
  • To be proud and knowledgeable about Jewish culture, history, identity and community, with a love of the State of Israel and learning Hebrew as part of Jewish Heritage.
  • To be dedicated to the pursuit of outstanding, inclusive and ambitious academic education, through a broad and balanced curriculum,  inspirational teaching and extra-curricular opportunities, enabling independent learning where every student can achieve their potential in  their chosen path.
  • To be self-motivated and determined, recognising that these are essential elements of success.
  • To recognise the importance of positive wellbeing in building resilience, personal growth and building strong relationships.
  • To be kind, confident, accepting of others and contributing members of our school community as well as loyal British citizens, upholding the fundamental values of British society.

Our Ethos:

JFS’s foundation body is the United Synagogue, and its religious authority is the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. JFS will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of modern Torah Judaism in line with the Office of the Chief Rabbi. JFS will strive to connect our Jewish students to vibrant, modern, orthodox Jewish life and Torah values, and with the United Synagogue’s core values.

JFS aims to enrich the lives of all its students through the sharing of core Jewish values, which are universal and are appropriate for those of all religions and none. JFS encourages all its students to engage actively in lifelong learning, social and environmental action and consider their responsibilities as future British citizens in order to serve their communities. All students are taught to be knowledgeable and respectful of the beliefs, customs, and practices of others.

JFS’s Jewish studies teaching and learning aims to inspire its students and provides opportunities to engage actively with Jewish texts, to experience and participate in Jewish practice, and to connect with God through tefillah (prayer) and mitzvot (commandments and good deeds). JFS teaches Ivrit, not only as a modern foreign language, but also as a vehicle linking Jewish heritage and practice to Israel.