GCSE and A-Level Examination Results – Summer 2023

In an extraordinary year for JFS, the school has recorded one of its best ever set of examination results, both at GCSE and A-level. Despite being the year in which the Department for Education sought to readjust grade boundaries to their pre-pandemic levels, the performance of our students has actually increased. Our community should be justifiably proud of all the hard work that our students, teachers and parents have put into this success, and our hope is that they are the foundations of successful and happy futures.

On the back of everyone’s efforts, we are proud not just to be the top-performing Jewish School, but one of the top-performing schools nationally. The efforts at both Pre-16 and Post-16 have been staggering. The chart below shows our performance in contrast to other Jewish secondary schools and the headline figures are ones that reflect the tenacity, determination, and care with which our children have applied themselves.

A-level, 62% of all grades were A*-A, whilst 90% were a A*-B, and 98% A*-C.

In particular a special congratulations goes to Ben Masson, Hilda Leaman, Joshua Fisher, Zak Kushner, Anya Blakeney, Ben Yehood, Gabriella Leigh, Yotam Livni, Zack Pliener, Amelia Reeves, Aryeh Tysman, Benjamin Diamond, Steven Isaacs, Toby Kershaw, Zoe Burr and Eli Gilbert, all of whom secured straight A*s in their A-levels. It is an incredible achievement, but equally inspirational is that fact that 2023 was a year in which all students tried their hardest. Whilst not everyone can achieve the top grades, it is the work ethic that matters and I know that the attitude of our students will stand them in superb stead for the rest of their lives.

In their vocational studies, our students also performed exceptionally well with 63% of all students achieving a Distinction or better.

Of all our students, over 200 have gone onto university and out of 207 applicants, in a year where we expected a tough time in clearing, we only had 13 students who needed to enter. To watch so many students go off to such a wide range of institutions to study so many different subjects is a pleasure.

At GCSE, we are hopeful that our Progress 8 score will be above +1.0 when the national tables are published in early October. It means that a child who attends JFS, scores a grade higher at our school in every subject, than if they had gone to a nationally average school with a Progress 8 score of zero.

In addition, 92% of all our students achieved a Grade 4+ in English and Mathematics, 84% achieved a 5+ and 46% achieved a 7+. In a year where the top grades were curtailed nationally, 57% of all our grades were a Grade 7 or higher and a phenomenal 20% were a Grade 9. These are exceptional results at a national level and are a testament to the relentless desire of our students to do their very best.

Again, there are some stand out performances and it would be wrong not to mention Eli Sternberg, Eliana Ben-Menachem, Ella Baskind, Ellie Jayson, Mikael Helbitz, Leah Frankl, Noam Field, Sam Copeland, Shoshana Notarius and Yahli Moskovich all of whom achieved 8 or more Grade 9s and Ben Ross, Ella Zik, Jacob Leon, Rafi Berke and Zak Citron who had a clean sweep of them. A completely phenomenal achievement!

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