The Sixth Form Experience

Independence, responsibility, leadership and commitment to the student body as a whole are strongly encouraged.

We ensure that our Sixth Form experience is fulfilling and inspiring for all; from a positive Jewish life through to the enhancement provided by our exceptional extra-curricular programme which includes Art, Music, Drama and Sport.

The principles of care and quality of teaching that are such strong features of JFS are as essential to our Sixth Form provision as they are to the Lower School. Academic progress is closely monitored by our Sixth Form staff team of Tutors, Assistant Heads of Year, Heads of Year for each of Years 12 and 13 as well as an Assistant Headteacher who is overall Head of Sixth Form. Weekly group tutorials are held to discuss study skills, Higher Education and current affairs. Our links with Universities are so strong that JFS has produced a nationally recognised guide to Higher Education.

Most students embark on four ‘AS’ Level subjects in Year 12 and will continue three of these in Year 13. Some will continue to study four ‘A’ Level subjects in Year 13. All ‘AS’ Level students will sit modular examinations at the end of Year 12.

A few students are enrolled on a three ‘AS’ Level programme in Year 12. Others may wish to take additional ‘AS’ Level subjects in Year 13. Critical Thinking ‘AS’ is offered to a group of Year 12 students. Those studying Further Mathematics usually do this as a fifth subject in Year 12. there are GCSE re-sit courses in English and Mathematics.