Consultation Response for Admissions arrangements for 2024/25

Consultation Response for Admissions arrangements for 2024/25

Following the conclusion of the statutory consultation period, we are pleased to circulate the revised JFS admissions policy for 2024/25. We would like to express our thanks to those who responded to the consultation. The purpose of the consultation process is to ensure that the school and its stakeholders have an opportunity to reflect before making changes which could affect many within the community and as such we take seriously and have given due consideration to all comments that we have received via the consultation process.

In respect of Year 7 admissions, the key changes to the policy comprise:

  • You can now collect synagogue attendance points on Friday night or Shabbat morning services for eligible dates (on only one service per Shabbat, but not points for both services on the same Shabbat), providing more opportunity to attend synagogue, including on Friday night where synagogues have put in place provision for recording CRP points.
  • Removal of Online synagogue services from the form and placed in an emergency box at the bottom, which can only be used with the authorisation of the Chief Rabbi, in the event of a national emergency, which prohibits in-person synagogue attendance.
  • The online CRP Judaism course is now the Tribe CRP Judaism Course, which runs in-person at a number of synagogues.

We are dedicated to preserving the character of the school and ensuring it is well placed to go from strength to strength in the coming years. We are confident that these changes will make very little difference to the chances of students across the community from securing places at JFS and would encourage all those who wish to be part of our continuing success, to apply in the normal way.

Please click below on the supporting documents:

Admissions Policy 2024/25

Year 7 2024-25  Supplementary Information form

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