British Values at JFS

At JFS we understand and promote the importance of British Values in all of our subjects and ethos. Students are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance.

The provision of British Values will enable students to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence, whilst developing respect and a sense of harmony between different cultural traditions.

As a school overall we embrace British values in the following ways;

Respect civil and criminal law
– Students are taught to think morally and to distinguish between right and wrong, this is particularly
   evident in RE lessons, PSHE, and assemblies
– Guest speakers on the legal implications of online activity
– Year 7 – ‘Your Life, You Choose’ seminar
– We work in partnership with our Police Liaison Officer
– Social action is a very important part of our school ethos with students given many opportunities
   to run or participate in charitable projects such as making gifts for NHS workers
– We teach students how to channel their disagreements through school council, debates and
   form time
– Our behaviour policy establishes a clear use of rewards and sanctions when appropriate and staff
   give a clear reason why they are being given out

– Positive behaviour to and from school is reinforced through assemblies and by SLT presence at the bus stops every day

Acceptance and engagement with fundamental British Values of democracy
We actively promote the fundamental British Values of democracy through:
– Mock elections and hustings
– School council elections
– Charity committee
– Student officer elections
– Elections for the Head Boy and Girl including campaigning and hustings
– Politics society
– Model UN

Appreciate viewpoints of others on ethical issues
This is actively promoted in RE and English but also in many other subjects.
– Debating society
– Feminist society
– Medical society
– Politics society
– Inclusive society
– Model UN
– Lunch and learn

– Student newspaper

Individual liberty / fighting extremism
– Through the study of RE, PSHE and the assembly programme

Respect for those with different beliefs, faith and cultures
– Social action for national charities such as the homeless, refugees and NHS workers
– Interfaith week
– Assemblies on Black History Month, other faiths, Holocaust Memorial Day, Anti-bullying Week
– Reciprocal reading programme includes articles on racism, form time activities e.g. anti-bullying
– RE curriculum on freedom of religion in the UK and the need to respect others

– Within other subjects such as English, RE and History

Contribute positively to life in Modern Britain
Students actively contribute positively through:
– Putting our ethos ‘Light and Honour’ into action.
– Charity work
– Inter-school activities
– International links
– Social action projects
– Taking part in cultural events such as theatre trips
– Running the Brent Holocaust seminar for schools in Brent
– Combined Cadet Force