Catering at JFS

JFS serves a healthy kosher lunch every day

Meal times are enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere. The school runs a cashless catering system. Below we give some guidance for you and your child to aid financial planning for the catering system.

Food from Home

Students may bring a kosher packed lunch into school. Our kosher caterers provide catered lunch and drinks and drinkable water is available from several outlets in the School.


Breakfast is available in the Dining Hall each morning between 7.50 and 8.20 a.m. Your child may use his/her lunch card or cash to obtain breakfast. Please note that there is no cash option at lunchtimes Breaktime Food Service (10.50-11.10 am) A range of healthy snacks are available for purchase during the mid-morning break.


Your child will need to know what his/her daily spending limit is, if you have opted for him/her to have one. It would be extremely helpful for you to go through the Menu and Price List with your child so s/he understands how to budget the money available. This will save a great deal of time at the start of term when queues tend to move slowly because students are not used to working out what they can buy. If what they choose for lunch exceeds the daily card limit you have set, they may have to return items from their tray and this can be upsetting. It is essential that your child tops up his/her card immediately on being informed that this is necessary, so that s/he does not have to borrow money in order to purchase lunch. If your child arrives late, due to a lunchtime activity, his/her favourite food may not be available but there will be range of other things to choose from, including a hot dish, sandwiches or a jacket potato. This is available until 1.25 pm every day sandwiches may be pre-ordered and paid for during morning break, ready for collection after the lunchtime activity has finished. Please encourage your child to be flexible with his/her choice. There are bound to be occasions, for whatever reason, when a child’s first choice has run out.