Curriculum Enrichment

Complementing formal classroom studies, the School provides an extremely broad range of extra-curricular programmes. JFS offers students diverse, different and life-altering experiences.

We provide a rich and varied programme of educational extra-curricular activities. These range from in-house competitions to international contests. At JFS, students have the opportunity to engage in different activities, supporting the formal curriculum and aiding student’s personal growth and development.

There are a wide variety of clubs and activities that take place during the school day and after the formal day has ended. At JFS, students have the opportunity to travel the globe to places such as France, Belgium, Israel, Poland, the Ukraine, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain and America, learning important lessons which support the formal curriculum and the Jewish ethos of the School.

The extended school day programme enables students to partake in a wide range of exciting opportunities. This runs from 3.15 pm – 4.45 pm twice each week and offers programmes as diverse as Japanese and Beatboxing.  The Summer programme is now underway.