Formal Jewish Studies

The Jewish Education Department seeks to

  • Give the students a positive view and experience of Judaism and Israel
  • Improve their knowledge and confidence in their heritage and Jewish Identity and
  • Ensure examination success

Formal Jewish Studies engages students in lively debate on moral issues and dilemmas that are relevant in today’s world. We use the Jewish texts as a springboard to inspire and challenge. Students are encouraged to enhance their connection to their Jewish heritage and to develop a personal relationship with Judaism. Through this progression students develop an appreciation and thirst for increased knowledge and have the opportunity to expand this through our Informal Jewish Education provision.

Text Programme

Upon joining JFS all students have the option to join our Jewish Studies Text Programme. This provides those with experience of, or a desire for, a deeper practical knowledge, the time and opportunity for close study of Mishnah and Gemarah and associated skill development.

Students opt-out of regular Jewish studies lessons and have a tailor made curriculum which develops their skill set and enhances their knowledge.

Students in the Text programme have the further opportunity to join the Enhanced Jewish Studies (EJS) Text Programme. These students take part in extra learning twice a week after school and double the number of hours of Jewish Education. Students in EJS are automatically placed in one of two tutor groups (one accelerated, one mixed ability) and have the majority of lessons together throughout Year 7 and beyond.