GCSE Results 2018

GCSE Results 2018


Progress at JFS for GCSE is exceptional with students achieving on average one grade higher than expected in all subjects.

Following last week’s outstanding ‘A’ Level results, JFS students have once again achieved exceptional outcomes with at GCSE under the new, tougher 9-1 grading system.

  • 51% of all grades were 9-7 or A*-A.
  • 91% of all entries were 9-4 or A*-C.
  • 17.3% of all grades for the new GCSE achieved a top grade of a 9.
  • 104 students (36% of students) achieved 9-7 or A*/A grades in 8 or more subjects.

Outstanding performances include those of:

Layla Sklar 11 9s and 1 A*
Charlotte Bentley 10 9s and 2 A*
Jack Olsburgh 10 9s
Gideon Bernstein 9 9s and 2 A*
Hannah Kisner 9 9s and 1 A*
Toby Onona 9 9s and 1 A*
Daniella Baruch 8 9s
Miri Frankl 8 9s
Oren Levene 8 9s
Declan Nelson 8 9s
Sophie Noah 8 9s
Natan Ornadel 8 9s and 2 A*
Ezra Sharpe 8 9s
Gilad Fibeesh 7 9s and 3 A*
Sophie Brassey 7 9s, 2 8s and 1 A
Anna Helbitz 7 9s, 2 8s and 1 A*
Ore Gazit 7 9s and 1 A*
Zachary Hilburn 7 9s and 1 A*
Calum Isaacs 7 9s and 2 A*
Daniel Leboff 7 9s and 1 A*
Evie Redland 7 9s, 1 8, 1 7, and 1 A
Hannah Stanton 7 9s
Adam Woolf 7 9s
Lara Goodman 6 9s and 1 A*
Oliver Harris 6 9s
Samuel Kelly 6 9s and 1 A*
Eva Ruiz-Daum 6 9s and 1 A*

Exceptional progress was made by: Joseph Clifton, Ella Lastmann and Asher Martin.

Rachel Fink (Headteacher) is thrilled by these excellent results:

“Congratulations to all our students who have once again demonstrated commitment to their own learning and we join them and their families in celebrating their success.  This is reflected not only in the number of top grades but more importantly in the progress measure for the entire cohort.  This accomplishment reflects the strong partnership between school and home.  Thanks must go to our staff for their tireless dedication, support and professional expertise. We look forward to welcoming students into our outstanding sixth form in September.”