JFS eNEWS 12/02/21

Dear Parents/Carers

As we draw towards half term, we have an opportunity to reflect on the last few weeks and to look forward to the half term ahead.

This half term:

  • we have held online parents’ evenings for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 with over 9000 appointments completed;
  • our provision of ‘Catch-Up’ tuition means that over 2000 hours of support are being provided for students;
  • we have received 100s of complimentary emails; and,
  • we have achieved the Optimus Wellbeing at Schools Award, recognising our extensive provision of support for staff, students and parents.

The numbers and accolades matter not in themselves, but because each interaction is an opportunity to support, develop and educate in the widest sense of the word.

Looking forward, we anticipate the return to school in the next half term.  We are considering carefully how to support students with the return to onsite education and are reflecting on those aspects of online education that we may wish to keep in the future.

In the week that we return to school, we will be celebrating Purim, an annual JFS highlight.  As you may know, the school motto – Orah Viykar, Light and Honour – comes from the Purim story.  The full phrase is, Layehudim hayta orah, simcha v’sasson viykar “For the Jews there was light, joy, gladness and honour”.  Light and Honour, with joy and gladness in the middle.  Whilst gladness can be thought of as an individual experience (I am glad/happy), joy is a shared experience (we shared/spread the joy).  It is the power of the two in tandem that gives Purim such an optimistic and positive message, individually and communally.  As we enter the second half of the Spring term, the return to school and the gradual easing of lockdown, may our lives be filled with both joy and gladness.

With that in mind, we hope to spread a little joy with the JFS version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, produced in the first lockdown. Please share the link and spread the joy with others.

Wishing you and your families a restful half term and much joy and gladness.

Be well.

Be safe.

Simon Appleman
Deputy Headteacher

This Week’s Highlights

Dear Parents/Carers
Thank you again for your continued support to ensure your children are engaged with our online learning.  Please do encourage them all to take a well-earned break over half term.
School will recommence online and in the Hub at 8.30 am on Monday 22nd February.
On Thursday 25th February (Fast of Esther) the school day will run according to the online Friday timings. School for Friday 26th February (Purim day) will run according to the special Purim timetable of events online only.  The Hub will be closed that day.  We hope as many students as possible will join our online Purim celebrations.
Please note that it is highly likely that the campus will reopen on Monday 8th March however, we await further government guidance and will update you as soon as possible about our plans for the return to school.
Wishing you Shabbat Shalom and a peaceful half term.
Rachel Fink


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