JFS eNEWS 23/03/21

Dear Parents/Carers

This unusual and challenging term has drawn to a close and my main reflection from it is ‘we are stronger together’.  As a community, when home and school work in partnership we achieve so much. The reciprocal support is key to our children’s success and positive collaboration enables our children to flourish and become resilient.

I was very pleased to see so many parents join our live event last night, in which we endeavoured to provide you with guidance and support for your children during these difficult times.  Please accept our apologies again for the various technical issues.  Please see the school notices below for the PIM Presentation, slides and links from Dr Anna Colton which provide professional advice for you.

We have taken a more relaxed approach to the return to school for the final two weeks of the Spring term, which was appropriate immediately post lockdown. I now ask you to continue to work with us as we raise standards once again.  Whilst these matters may seem mundane, please ensure that your children return to school on Wednesday 7th April, meeting the uniform guidelines or Sixth Form dress code in full.  Please note that we will be reintroducing all key aspects of behaviour and standards.  Our ambition is that we should need to use only the positive aspects and that consequences for negative behaviour are there for deterrent purposes.  Please join us in ensuring high standards both in and out of the classroom to enable staff to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning.  A clear framework and structure both at home and in school will serve this purpose.

At the close of this term we are also saying farewell to a few members of staff and thank them for their contribution to JFS and your children’s education.  We are grateful to Miss Chappell and
Mr Parker who have supported the Humanities department this term and wish every success to
Miss Desai (Mathematics) as she takes her next career steps outside of JFS.

I would also like to pay tribute to Mr Daniel Marcus, Deputy Head for Jewish Life and Learning, who has been a member of the senior leadership team for just over four years, as he moves on to the next chapter in his working life.  The school has benefited from many programmes that Daniel initiated, together with the Jewish Education and JiEP teams; something which Pikuach recognised in its Outstanding grading of the school, a year ago.

JFS is a school proudly underpinned by Jewish values and learning.  With Pesach on the horizon, I reflect on the value of freedom and what that might mean for JFS.  At a time when we hopefully start to regain our physical freedom, let’s restart the conversation about real freedom.  Let’s be courageous to be our real selves and as a school community let’s create that space that allows everyone to be that unique individual.  JFS will be a richer place for it.

The Governors join me in wishing you a Chag Kasher V’Sameach.


Rachel Fink

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