JFS Prospective Parents Evening

JFS Prospective Parents Evening

This week we hosted our Prospective Parents Evening as well as an Open Morning. More than 1500 people visited our school and we have received a tremendous amount of emails with very positive feedback. Here is a typical type of email received:

“We came to visit the school yesterday and had preconceived ideas from recent bad publicity and hearsay from other parents.

If I am completely honest, we had originally put JFS as our 4th choice. However, I am pleased to say that we left very pleasantly surprised and WOWed!

We met some wonderful, enthusiastic and passionate teachers, as well as some bright, engaging students. Our tour guide was a well-rounded and delightful young man, he was very informative and spoke highly of the school.

We brought our daughter along to the school tour and she was overwhelmed at first due to the vast size of the school. She came away absolutely buzzing about what she has seen and the experience of viewing the school, interacting with the teachers and students. Her highlights of the tour were sampling the delicious cakes made by the students, playing the African drums with the music teacher and some of the other students, the climbing wall and taking part and watching the science experiments. Your facilities are amazing, however, we were surprised that there isn’t a swimming pool. The art studio was particularly impressive, some of the artwork on display looked very professional.

Yes, I’m pleased to say that I have already amended my application and JFS is now top of our list.”

If you were unable to visit us please CLICK HERE for the Headteacher’s presentation.