JFS School Notices 16/07/21

Dear Parents/Carers

This final Friday newsletter reminds me that we are almost at the end of the academic year.  This week we have been celebrating success in so many ways as part of our drive to recognise and reward students for their achievements in all areas of school life.  We held award ceremonies in tutor groups and saw many of our students participating joyously in the two Sports Days held. Our immense gratitude to the PE Team who organised the two days superbly.  In addition, we give thanks to Ms Mirza who led a highly informative and beneficial Careers Day for our Year 10 students.

Today we have had to make the very difficult decision to send students in Years 9 and Year 10 home.  We have seen an increasing number of cases which has meant that there have been far more students at home than in school. All Year 9 and Year 10 students have been told to undertake LTF tests every two days.  From this afternoon and into next week, online teaching will be given for all Year 9 and Year 10 students.

Interestingly, in this week’s Parasha, Devarim, Moses focuses on the years when the Jewish nation wandered in the desert and on the trials and tribulations they experienced there.  This year has most certainly seen challenging trials and tribulations for JFS but it is my fervent belief that we will not only prevail but come back stronger in September 2021.  Amongst the many exciting plans moving forward will be a focus on putting reading, vocabulary and literacy skills at the heart of each department’s curriculum.  We are also putting in place measures to ensure that PSHE / RSE will be delivered weekly and we intend to hold a parental meeting on this, in order to keep you informed in September.  Finally, please CLICK HERE for our changed timings of the school day for the next academic year.  We will be having staggered lunches and break-times.  This is primarily a safeguarding decision as we need to ensure adequate monitoring and supervision at these crucial times.  For the vast majority of students, school will finish by 3.05 pm but in the Sixth Form, we will hold a Period 6 for certain classes in instances where it was not possible to place the lesson within the five period day.  The new timings of the day will also enable us to offer more in the way of extra-curricular enrichment and academic intervention.

We appreciate that the change experienced this term may have felt unsettling at times but we are moving in the right direction.  To that end, we would like to extend a deep sense of gratitude to you for your ongoing support and unwavering commitment to our school.

As mentioned in the letter sent by Sir Michael Wilshaw earlier this week, we will be saying goodbye to a number of staff at the end of term and we would like this opportunity to once again say thank you to them for their service to the school and dedication to your children and their education.

Shabbat Shalom

Anna Joseph
Interim Joint Principal

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Advice for students in contact with Covid – REMINDER

In light of the increase in Covid cases in recent weeks, we would like to remind parents of the importance of continuing to test for Covid twice weekly.


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Monday 19th July 2021 – Normal school day
Tuesday 20th July 2021 – Summer Friday finish
Wednesday 21st July 2021 – Special Programme – 12pm finish (Last day of term)




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