‘Keeping It Together’ Shabbat Project

‘Keeping It Together’ Shabbat Project

As a part of the ‘Keeping It Together’ Shabbat project, in merit of their late parents, (Yechezkel Peretz Ben Chaim Pinchas, Chana Chaya bas Eliezer, Shlomo Ben Abraham, Rut bat Dena v’Yerachmiel Hirsh, Shlomit bat Yoseph and Leah Frida bat Yona), a small group of JFS parents and donors donated blue Shabbat candles, which were given out to students.

For the Shabbat project, the donors hoped to ensure that as many people as possible throughout the world lit candles in unity with one another, and with Israel.

Please spread the light and show that together we are stronger by ‘Keeping It Together’ for Israel!

There was a QR code on the insert that came with the candles and this will take you to a video featuring holocaust survivor Lily Ebert.

The candle lighting time for three weeks was printed on the card with the aim of keeping up the mitzvah of lighting candles, now and beyond, as per Lily’s words.