New Lunch Time Initiative

New Lunch Time Initiative

A new initiative for Year 7 and Year 8 students began recently during Friday lunch times.

Students discussed the weekly Parasha (Naso this week) with Mr Marcus, Deputy Headteacher for Jewish Life and Learning, and they enjoyed a Kabbalat Shabbat party, welcoming Shabbat with snacks and treats.

Relating to the Parasha, this week they learnt about the gifts brought by the Nesiim (Princes) of each Tribe to HaShem at the Mishkan (Tabernacle), for its dedication. Each of the Princes donated the exact same thing. The groups discussed the idea that there is never any inequality in the eyes of HaShem and how we must emulate that trait of viewing everyone we encounter as equals.

On a lighter note, as the school year draws to a close and many students have experienced numerous Barmitzvah celebrations in a variety of different Shuls, there was a lively discussion as to which Shul served up the best Kiddush. The winner was a Shul (no, we are not naming it here) that offered Cholent, Kugel and Sushi!

New participants are welcome to join anytime – See you there!