Poland Reflections Competition 2023 – Sponsored by Mr Gabor Lacko

Poland Reflections Competition 2023 – Sponsored by Mr Gabor Lacko

We are delighted to announce that the following students have won monetary prizes in this year’s Poland Reflections Competition:

Lucy Manton: A Yellow Star (Poem)               First Prize
Nicholas Azulay: The Holocaust Through Lego    Second Prize
Yasmine Gurevitz: Retracing Shoes (Poem)        Third Prize

All the entries were wonderful and the judges had a very hard job deciding which should win, so we express our appreciation to all the students who entered and made this the excellent competition it was this year.

In addition to the prizewinners, the other talented participants were:
Aaron Jaffe, Adam Kayne, Alex Brickman, Anouk Sarfati, Camy Garcia, Charlie Rowan, Daliah Leach, Dani Gotlieb, Eitan Stermer, Elianna Atkins, Elinor Sandler, Ellis Becker, Emily Bunder, Emily Spill, Jaden Irow, Jonathan Daniel, Laila Epstein, Layla Freedman, Lily Carciente, Maddie Curzon, Natali Valansi, Rivka Gabay, Roni Sherman, Roxana Isaacs, Sam Field and Yoav Aran. You may click HERE to view some of the artwork.

We also thank Mr Gabor Lacko who donated the prizes and was very disappointed not to be able to be in school this year to present them to the students.