Safe Cracking Competition

Safe Cracking Competition

The Weizmann Institute in Israel is one of the highest ranking multidisciplinary scientific research institutes in the world.  One of the initiatives they offer is to facilitate educational programmes to encourage UK school students aged 16-18 to participate. One such programme is the Weizmann UK Physics Safe Cracking Competition which took place recently at the world famous Dulwich College campus.

Some of the most talented science students from top schools in the country have spent months preparing for this event, in their own time, to create their version of an ‘unbreakable safe’, which can only be thwarted by the application of physics principles.

The Weizmann Coordinator has informed us that this year’s entrants were amongst the best she has ever seen with a record of 24 teams present, all being judged by a varied panel of international experts.

We are so proud of our students for managing to achieve 5th position in this prestigious event which is a tremendous achievement considering the talent base, and they are a credit to our school.

Well done Gilad Fibeesh, Ofir Francis, Hannah Kisner, Daniel Leboff and Oren Levene.