Safe Drive Stay Alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive

The Year 12 student cohort visited the Harrow Arts Centre last week to watch a performance of ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ organised by the Brent and Harrow Road Safety Partnership as well as involved representatives from the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, TFL and the Council.

The key aims of this performance were to make the roads in Brent safer for all road users, reduce the number of people injured on roads in Brent and improve awareness of Road Safety, particularly to young drivers.

The performance was based around a video reconstruction of a tragic road traffic accident in which a teenager is killed and others suffer life changing injuries. The presentation included dramatic footage of the crash and the emergency treatment afterwards. The video is interspersed with real life testimonies by members of the emergency services, as well as parents and victims affected by serious or fatal collisions.

The performance made students more aware of the importance of making good decisions when getting behind the wheel, for example, not getting in the car with someone or driving whilst under the influence of drink/drugs, taking road conditions into account (poor weather conditions – reducing speed accordingly), not texting whilst driving as this takes your full attention off the road and being aware of other road users/pedestrians. It also covered the affects that a serious accident not only has on the individual but their immediate and extended families and friends, as a result.

The students behaved in a mature and sensible manner throughout the performance and were a credit to the school, every student put their seat belt on during the return journey!