StartUp Class of 2024

StartUp Class of 2024

StandWithUs UK recently celebrated the graduation of the StartUp Class of 2024.

StartUp is a 6-month extracurricular leadership programme for pupils in Year 10. Over a number of Sundays from October to February, the participants developed leadership and teamwork skills, all in the context of the entrepreneurial and creative Israeli spirit of the start-up world.

There were certificates and awards handed out at the ceremony in JW3. A project award to the best team idea and presentation, and individual achievement prizes to outstanding participants. The winners of the outstanding achievement awards will be going on a trip to Israel with StandWithUs in the next year.

The winners were:

Team Project Award: What a Wonderful World – Mia Piperno (Yavneh College), Harry Dresner (Yavneh College), Hannah Sylvester (JFS), Zachary Yadgar (JFS)

Outstanding Achievement Award: Mia Piperno (Yavneh College), Ella Baddick (Yavneh College), Rafi Mellish (Yavneh College), Jake Tash (JFS), Sheina Cowan (Habs Girls)

The list of JFS students participating in StartUp Class of 2024 were:

·       Benjamin Alcobi – JFS

·       Yoni Gilbert – JFS

·       Elijah Pillemer – JFS

·       Gali Sherman – JFS

·       Hannah Sylvester – JFS

·       Jake Tash – JFS

·       Zachary Yadgar – JFS


Well done all!