Tea at The House of Lords

Tea at The House of Lords

This week, the former Head Boy Head Girl team was privileged to have tea at the House of Lords with JFS President, Lord Levy.

I really enjoyed this experience, as did the whole team. We were given the unique opportunity of touring the Lords, graciously enhanced by the anecdotal tales of Lord Levy.  Then we were treated to a decadent tea, where Lord Levy got to know the team and asked about our experiences at JFS and our suggestions for the future. He imparted his wisdom upon us; that all voices are worth hearing as we all have different experiences.

As many of the Head Boy Head Girl team take Politics and/or Economics for A Level, we were able to do some hands-on revision for our imminent A Level exams, by listening to the Lords debate the Queen’s speech on environmental, economic energy policies. It was remarkable to watch the debate unravel first hand.

Finally, we ended our tour with the most spectacular view of London (and photo opportunity!), on the very exclusive terrace of the Houses of Parliament.

The 2020-21 Head Boy Head Girl team want to extend our thanks and appreciation to Lord Levy for his hospitality and for giving up time in his busy schedule to be with us and provide such a special memory to end off our school careers.

Chloe Miller – 2020/21 Deputy Head Girl and Year 13 student