Welcoming Alumnus to JFS Science Week

Welcoming Alumnus to JFS Science Week

Last week was the JFS Science Week for 2023. This is where our Y13 Science students team up together to produce a series of demonstration and lectures for the school at lunch.

As ever the results were exciting and enjoyable culminating in a Science Quiz on the Friday. The Year 11 team was able to beat the teacher team and other student teams to claim their medals.

The Year 13s that ran the week were: Noah Cantor, Avishai Stimler, Adam Lieberman, Josh Jones, Jasmin Jones, Zoe Tamar, Maya Boyle, Zoe Burr, Yishai Renton, Yonatan Merkier, Samuel Grant, Eli Gilbert, Damian French, Olivia Klinger, Naomi Josebashvili, Aron Marshell Yermen, Saskia Rabin, Tamar Silas, Erin Hayes, Natasha Kay, Ellie Greenberg, Rachel Levey, Daniel Amselli, Jessicah Charlton, Shira Myers, Ben Morganstein, Pascale Measures, Sarah Trup, Mia Gavish, Amelia Reeves, Matan Selouk, Jessicah Charlton and Nicole Sharon and we congratulate them on a job well done!

JFS Alumnus, Dr Daniel Glass, who was one of the 1st students to be involved in our now annual JFS Science Week, recently visited JFS. Dr Glass finished his PhD last year on plasmodics, hot electrons and photocatalytic metal oxide semi-conductors and is now working for the world-renowned Bio Tech company ‘Illumina’.

His lectures centred on his university experiences and his career to date in genetic sequencing and its varied applications, and how his journey thus far was an excellent example of all three science disciplines coming together. Afterwards he fielded various questions from our naturally inquisitive Year 12 and Y13 students.

For those who missed the lectures, or wish to find out more, please click the links below.