Year 7 Shabbaton

Year 7 Shabbaton

Year 7 students participating in last week’s Shabbaton had an extremely enjoyable experience with activities ranging from obstacles suspended in the air to team building activities and archery. This gave the students an opportunity to widen their friendship circles and bond more as a year group.

To welcome in Shabbat, we sang and danced as a group, and had activities throughout Shabbat where we were able to get to know each other, learn about the Parsha, and the lessons that can be applied to our lives today. Some highlights were making new friends, having a Shabbat experience which was new to many participants, and the great outdoor activities at the site.

One Year 7 student said, “The whole atmosphere of the weekend has been great. I had an amazing time with my friends and it brought us closer together.  I would love to do a similar thing again next year.”

Another student commented, “It made me feel closer with people who I am friends with and it makes me feel closer to my Jewish identity.”

We look forward to more JiEP trips and events in the future!